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Spurious Unreported spam Saved: Report Now


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Over the past month or so I have noticed after reporting a spam (using SpamCop.com on the web) getting:

Unreported spam Saved: Report Now

At first I thought I may have had spams that I submitted but not reported - but on further investigation I realized I did report the spam, but SpamCop seems to think it was not reported.

I am not certain but it seems to be with a series of Spams that had to be truncated by SpamCop before submission -

here's the sequence -

attached image SpamCop1_161103.jpg  shows I had no unreported spam.

IMAGE deleted for security reasons.

SpamCop2_161103.jpg at the top shows the spam just reported - but the screen now shows Unreported spam Saved: Report Now

SpamCop2_161103.thumb.jpg  Link also deleted for security reasons

Clicking on Report Now link shows the email header in SpamCop3_161103.jpg


SpamCop4_161103.jpg is the email header in Hotmail/Outlook that I just submitted.


SpamCopReport_161103.jpg show SpamCop marked the submission as no report filed, and then within 5 seconds shows it as reported.


Last pic Reports.jpg shows several pairs as no report filed, and within 2-3 seconds showing reported.


Is there a problem with SpamCop reporting emails that have to be truncated or from that domain?




== Edit ==

You may have noticed others do not have long Sig on this forum.

If you want to promote your activities, use an other web forum to do it.





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I don't mean to sound Paranoid, but I deleted your first included image because it reveals your SpamCop login name, and your private Submit account.  There really is no other information in that image.

You have 2 hrs to edit you post and remove other security issues.  I can't edit the images to remove you login name and private submit account number.   When the post is older I will delete other images, but that will also remove what you are trying to show.

you can imagine, given the topic here, spammers do read this forum looking for clues how to avoid being reported or to joe-job another spammer or someone else to reduce the reputation of SpamCop.  Now they can use you submit account to do that.

A Tracking URL would have been a good thing to include.

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On 11/7/2016 at 2:49 PM, Lking said:


A Tracking URL would have been a good thing to include.

My apologies for my noob mistakes.

I just reported on SpamCop Web:

Tracking url:


It showed reported but also showed: Unreported spam Saved: Report Now

Reports shows:


As one can see the spam was said to be "No reports filed"

Then 3 seconds later report was filed - but I now see that Unreported spam Saved: Report Now

Is there a problem with truncated spam reporting, please?




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