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Abuse contact for should be hostmaster[at]arin.net


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arin-notice@wayfair.com is the contact address shown in the WHOIS records (see https://whois.arin.net/rest/nets;q=, which will be why that's being used as the reporting address.  If wayfair.com are the spammer themselves, then this isn't a case of SpamCop not finding the correct reporting address (i.e. a routing issue), it's a case of reports needing to be DevNulled.  ARIN are an address registry - they and the other Regional Internet Registries (ARIN covers North America, RIPE for Europe & Middle East, APNIC for Asia/Pacific, LACNIC for Latin America & Caribbean, & AFRINIC for Africa) ensure that IP address assignments are globally unique, but don't control what people do with the IP addresses that have been assigned by them.

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