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"Hello SpamCop user, are you saying you've never heard of this {business}?"...


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I admit to wry amazement. I received the following response to one of the spams I received:


"Hello SpamCop user,
Are you saying you've never heard of this Casino/Hotel?
This is the first time in 15 years we've ever got a complaint about their mailing."

Well... I know nothing about The Point Casino and it's associated hotel (the business in the spam I reported), it's not in my state, and I have no intention of going there. And I know nothing of chihost.com either; perhaps this is indeed the first spamming in 15 years. But really, even if all that is true, how is it supposed to matter? I got unsolicited mail. I reported it. 

I'm not starting this thread to seek advice or anything. Really, I'm just posting it for posterity, and because I'm so amused by the chutzpah of that response. But in all the years of using Spamcop, this is the first time I've gotten a response like this. Perhaps Chihost.com (the email address of the sender of the above reply, and presumably the host of that casino/hotel's website) isn't used to receiving complaints, but no matter how you cut it, that's not really how to handle a spam complaint.

Anyone else ever receive a reply like that? I mean literally for years I've always just gotten boilerplate "Thank you for your submission" responses. First time someone's even obliquely tried to defend what was sent. 

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Heh, weeks late returning due to holiday travel. Anyway: Yes, those are applicable. Dead-on in fact. Guess there's no need to be incredulous at a spammer being incredulous; it's just part of their game. I shouldn't be surprised.

Thanks for the response. :)

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