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MXGuardDog anti-spam effort being reported


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Good afternoon,

It has been brought to my attention by the anti-spam effort at mxguarddog-dot-com that I have been inadvertently reporting them with the Spamcop system, as they process all incoming mail for many addresses before it hits the recipient mailbox. The spam traces indeed show this, with their xxx-dot-ik2-dot-com headers being processed and accepted. I have modified my server's DNS in an attempt to prevent the lookups in the first place and have suggested they use the Spamcop ISP contact method to address this, but whether they do or not is for them to decide. Alternatively, what is the best way and process for getting them recognised and whitelisted please?

Thank you

Edit: I have since been informed that they have attempted to contact Spamcop before without success. Is there a way or should I just stop using Spamcop?

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If you/your system is reporting mxguarddog as the source of spam even though they are a legitimate part of your email path, I think there are several possible actions you can take:

  • Have you updated to your SpamCop Mailhost to include mxguarddog? The function of the Mailhost list is to exclude servers in you normal email processing path from reports.
  • When processing spam submitted, you can "un-check" reports directed to mxguarddog.

Adding mxguarddog to a white list would preclude anyone from submitting as spam email from mxguarddog.  While there involvement in you email may be correct, that may not be universally true.

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Hi Lking,

Thank you for your reply. Of interest to me would be to configure the mailhost settings however during setting this up, from the start and the first MX entry, I receive the following error and I can't continue:



Host: a01.b.com (checking ip) = (returns correct result)

Sorry, SpamCop has encountered errors:

The email sample you submitted for x@b.com appears to traverse more than one domain.

My setup represents something like the following...

Server: a01.b.com
Domain: b.com (where email is addressed to x@b.com, y@b.com etc.)
MX: server1.mxg.com
MX: server2.mxg.io
MX: server3.mxg.eu

So, incorrectly or not, it appears the process is considering a01.b.com as a separate domain to just b.com.

How should I proceed from here?

Aside from this, whilst I understand your concern about whitelisting any provider, there has to be a point where you can see a service provider is not malicious. In this case they certainly are not and have been running for many years and have a huge userbase. I myself have used them for many years with great success. Additionally they have tried contacting you and were not followed up on, and would still like you to contact them to find a solution for all users.


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