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Encountered Errors - forward or forward as attchment


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I'm just wondering the correct way to forward spam as twice now I have tried to forward phishing spam and both times it has bounced back saying "... encountered errors ... blah, blah, blah ... " - So, I assume I'm doing something wrong and simply forwarding to the spamcop address I was provided when I signed up is incorrect.

Therefore, that must mean that I should send the forwarded email as an attachment in some way??

What do I do? copy the headers & body as plain text, save as a text file, then attach the text file to the email? ... if so, that's no forwarding - that's creating a NEW email. Forwarding should be no more complicated then clicking on the Forward option and entering the forwarding address.

If someone can clarify the proper method as it seems to be too complicated for me.


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There seems to be numerous Gmail vs. SpamCop issues, here's a link to the Gmail forums with relevant results:



I'll continue to copy & paste to report for now, hopefully in the future there will be a change and users will be able to simply 'forward' spam to SpamCop.



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I just submitted feedback to Gmail about this - pasted below. Perhaps there's the possibility of SpamCop and Gmail working on this issue together to resolve the issues.



Feedback to Gmail:

I am unable to forward emails to SpamCop - apparently this is a known issue.
It would be appreciated if it was permitted to simply forward a message to SpamCop.

Alternatively, it would be awesome if there was a built-in ability / option to enter our SpamCop forwarding address 'somewhere' in the Gmail interface and from then on, have the option to "Forward to SpamCop".
This way, Gmail would not block outgoing SpamCop-destined email as spam. In conjunction with this, there could / should be an option at SpamCop to not block Gmail emails from the same registered Gmail account / address.



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The problem with "just forwarding" spam is that none of the needed header routing information is included.  Without that information SpamCop can not identify the correct source of the spam.

There is no point in continuing to using a <Forward> button. This approach will never work.  When reading How do I submit spam via email? you will see the word forward, as in " Forward as an attachment " does in fact mean to cut & past the whole offending email as in some email applications, for example Thunderbird <ctrl><U>, <crtl><A>, <ctrl><C> to display-all, select-all, copy-all and of course <crtl><R>

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