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since april 30 2017 no more receiving spam reports at user defined recipient

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Since april 30 2017 I no more receive spam reports at the user defined recipient address.

Trying to fix that, I changed that address in preferences, for which I received and answered a confirmation request. Didn't help to receive spam reports.

The old and new recipient addresses are receiving email from others.

Last tracking url https://www.spamcop.net/sc?id=z6377849055ze1a992e61325f997db8211ee975888acz

Has something changed regarding spam report mailing to user defined recipient address?

I want reception of the reports back.

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When you submit a spam do you see something like


Bounce error
Your email address, bert[at]xxxxxx.com has returned a bounce:

Please ensure your email account is reliable, then click below:

The system doesn't wast much time with bounced reports, to the sender IP or the spam reporter. After one report to bounces, SpamCop doesn't bother the send anymore reports to you.  I'm guessing your mail server may have been a little slow and SpamCop set the your flag

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Sofar, the reception of the reports is still not happening and does not seem to be administered as "bounced" by spamcop or blocked or filtered by my isp. Other kinds of email from spamcop is normally received. Is this forum the way to report this issue to spamcop or is there another way to report this?

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