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Nobody home at LimeStoneNetworks

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After 5 weeks of unrelenting spam originating from LimeStoneNetworks I decided to send (email) them a 12 hour summary to wake them up. Two hours later I get a bounce message. So perhaps after sending reports for all these weeks nobody over there is getting the message?

Can someone at SpamCop verify the email address?


A message that you sent could not be delivered to one or more of its recipients. This is a permanent error. The following address(es)






delivery retry timeout exceeded


So this morning I decided to visit their web site and I found an online submission form. While submitting the reports I get a chat invitation from their marketing folks. I basically said that considering all the spam I've been receiving that has originated from them... "There's no way on earth I want Lime Stone anywhere near me. Please tell that to your tech team". I thought that would blow him off but he offered to get involved so I gave him the reports also. Imagine that... someone actually interested in resolving the issue. :huh:

Here's a 12 hour summary;

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unfortunately the report ids you provided can only be viewed by you and abuse{at}limestonenetworks.com

If you would provide The tracking URL we all could see your examples.

Did you look at the <Statistics> tab that leads to https://www.talosintelligence.com/reputation_center/lookup?search=

There it looks like the IPs have a "Poor" reputation and are on block list.  Given what appears to be an ongoing relationship with spammers, I am not surprised that the host who seems to be making money from the spammers does not respond to spam reports or your direct email.  I would guess that for a premium price they provide the spammer an undisturbed place to do "their thing."

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Thanks! Sorry about the report links. I rarely post here so still getting used to the place. I'll try to figure it out.

Does this link get you there? --> https://www.spamcop.net/sc?id=z6379881767z92c30dae8da3a1bb6e3a8eea43e780bdz

I didn't look at the statistics and honestly didn't know that was there, but that is helpful.

There's a dozen or more IP addresses these guys are using. I've tried to setup an inbox rule based on IP address to catch and delete the messages without my intervention since this looks to be an ongoing thing.

Fingers crossed but they haven't sent me anything today. Not sure if my conversation with the marketing guy had any effect but the day's not over either.

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I too am getting a ton of spam from or hosted by these idiots. I have been sending reports through Spamcop to Limestone for two months.  It appears no one is looking at that email abuse address. 

Here is one from today.


These guys are not out of reach from US authorities so why aren't they being dealt with?  It's not like they are from Russia or China.

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Well the spam originating from LimeStone has stopped. I'm not sure if it was my conversation with the Customer Service guy at Limestone or perhaps a little help from SpamCop??? None the less it's been almost a week and so far the spam from those guys have halted. Thanks to whoever pulled the strings..

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Well, the Limestone guys have been driving me crazy for months now.  Spams coming in constantly.  Almost none of my spam is from anywhere else!  All of them reference Cloudflare -- who also don't care.  I sure wish I had the same luck as Wrong Planet, but mine haven't stopped.  Any suggestions what else I can do other than keep reporting?  It's taking almost all my time just to report and click all these pieces of garbage all day long.

This is just a sample from this morning:


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Hey Morg2, I think the email address, <abuse@limestonenetworks.com>  isn't valid so your reports are going nowhere. You can try their online submission form; https://www.limestonenetworks.com/about/contact-us.html

It's a pain doing that but it may wake up someone. They are also on social media and perhaps a little negative attention might spur some results, but who knows? You can also do what I did... when on their site you'll get a chat invitation. Just let the rep know how unhappy you are with the spam. I wish you luck.

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Still getting constant stuff from Limestone.  Given that "abuse@limestonenetworks.com" is not valid, shouldn't there at least be some sort of "devnull" address to send the report to?  (If I understand correctly, the devnull reports do get analyzed somewhere, right?)  It seems pretty pointless that, several times an hour, I go through the ritual of clicking "send reports" on my Spamcop analyses, if it does nothing except make a clicking sound at my keyboard! 

Can any guru suggest an address where these reports can be sent, which actually GOES somewhere?  I mean, even if usually we are ignored, it would be something if at least someone somewhere has to make the choice to ignore!

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Whether a report is received/read or not by abuse{AT}limestonenetworks.com or sent to devnull, the data is added to the the blocklist database affecting the reputation of the IP address.

Based on what everyone is reporting in this thread, I'm guessing that limestonenetworks.com "selectively" bounces email sent to abuse{AT}...  If spamcop was receiving notice(s) of bounced spam reports, they would set a bounce flag for that email address/IP address and not send anymore spam reports.  Reports would instead be sent to devnull for historical record.  Sense that is not what reporters are seeing, SpamCop spam reports are not being bounces.  As I remember, when SpamCop receives 6 bounce notices for an email address, the flag is set.  SpamCop does not want to the noise level on the internet pointlessly adding to the bandwidth.  The same is true if your ISP for some reason bounces emails to you from SpamCop.

On the other hand, individuals who send reports to the same email address, are reporting that their emails are being bounced forcing them to use the online submission website.

Whether limestonenetwork.com does anything with reports, personal report or SpamCop reports, is a different matter.

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Well, the vacation from LimeStone Networks was nice but it looks like they're cranking back up again. The past two days I've been getting their spam. I'm not sure if this is possible but I'd like to create my own personal RBL and just delete the messages automatically in Outlook. If I don't see them then I won't get irritated (I hope).



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My gmail account has been receiving over 30 emails a day from Limestonenetworks ip-addresses.  I believe that they ignore or delete any emails sent by SpamCop to abuse{at}limestonenetworks.com.  Yesterday I used the online submission page on their website to report one of the many (often duplicate) emails that I get.  I have not received any acknowledgment, so I assume that the abuse submission page is just another black hole.

I wish gmail would let me block email by ip-address.  Are there any other options other than to continue to report their spam to SpamCop?

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