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Be aware of 4vendeta LTD!


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Hello all.

Just want to notice you of a firm called 4vendeta LTD (4vendeta.com).

It seems that this firm is located in Bulgaria, but is run by russians.

I've got countless recurring spams asking me 

  1. To re-order something that has been cancelled
  2. To confirm my mobile-number

When confronting 4vendeta that they probably have user(s) that is producing spam, all I get for answer is just "fu** you" and a picture of a fox sitting on the toilet.

I take this as a proof that this firm actually now that their are spamming, and want to. But it shouldn't be nescessary to answer in this unpolite manner.

What can we do to this attitude?

I'm far from a expert so a little help would be nice. I want to bring this firm down.



Kjell Inge Sandvik

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Welcome to the spam fight.

First of all responding directly to a spammer confirms that your email address is real and someone reads it, makes your email address more valuable to them for sale to other spammers.  -- A mistake we all have made at one time or another.

I would suggest the best thing to do is to open a reporting account at SpamCop.net and then report their spam.

When you report spam to SpamCop, it does two things:

1. Information you submit is used to build SpamCop's Block list which can be used by email providers to help filter spam from their customers inboxes. This may not directly help you keep spam out of your inbox, but you get lots of good karma for helping others.

2. SpamCop send "spam Reports" to the ISP sending the spam and upstream providers letting them know they are supporting a spammer, and that as a result their IP address may be blocked and that this will affect all their clients. This hopes that the ISP is a good 'internet neighbor' and will take action to remove the blight from the email system.

3.  As a low priority, SpamCop also tries to send spam reports to the host of any website advertised in the body of the spam.  This is a 'follow the money' approach to stopping spam.

There are also other sites that accept your spam as part of the fight to stop spam. I also report/forward all my spam to http://www.knujon.com (No Junk spelled backwards).  KnujOn has #3 above as their priority.

I do not know about Norway, but in some countries the government have programs to stop spam.

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I have been reporting spam with Spamcop for many years (from abt. 1995 I think). But this spam is recurring and I get alot of it every day. The scary thing is that they know my phonenumber.

I also believe Spamcop's report is wrong for this spam, as I have reached out to one of the address and they have been helpful tracking the source of the spam (4vendeta.com). They say that's the only thing they can do.

What more should I do? 

It's illegal to send spam here in Norway as well, but what to do when the senders are not interested to stop it and just answer back with foul language when asked? When there's a known spammer, it should be possible to put a stop to it in an effective way.


Best regards,

Kjell Inge Sandvik

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