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The IP blocked is not mine


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I noticed this message in my mailserver logs. The mailout was sent using direct delivery from the mailserver (

This IP is not listed on spamcop, but i am being blocked with an IP that has nothing to do with me. What is going on?

>MAIL FROM:<info[at]getwwa.com>

250 Ok


>SMTP Error 4590:

Invalid response (554) to recipient SPARKYDH[at]GRM.NET:

554 Service unavailable; [] blocked using bl.spamcop.net, reason: Blocked - see

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Let me just say that the IP you point out of some mail server, the blocked IP of the snippet of a rejection notice, and the IP you posted this from are all over the board. I have no idea where to start looking. Yes, you are correct in that there doesn't seem to be enough data in your snippet to tie the rejection to the mail server IP you mention, but .... shooting in the dark here without seeing the headers of the real e-mail involved, a bit more data on who controls the e-mail server that you're referring to .. and why your posting IP doesn't match anything else listed ...

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