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Mailbox size?

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Somewhat related to this, if you have lots of spam pile up in your held messages, it appears to slow things down alot.

Is it possible to reduce the number of days that the spam is held?

I receive 1,000 + spams each day, and often can't get into my held messages because (I assume) there are so many in the folder.

If I could dump them after 3 or 4 days, that would be great.

Or maybe just click a button to perform a mass delete of all of them,

and not have to do it page by page.

I think there were 29,000+ held messages the last time I looked.


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I answered your other post but this is a slightly different question.

There is no setting I am aware of to modify the way Held mail is treated like there is for the Trash folder.

This should be a modification request for something like this as some people want to report all Held mail but messages over 3 days are too old to report, others keep all the Held mail until they confirm there are no false positives in there and then delete, and others don't look at held mail at all. This would help some people to keep their accounts to a reasonable size.

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