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Why have I lost my mail? I selected held mail. Bang! it was not delivered and not forwarded. 

Before anyone can help you, you will have to provide a lot more information.

[Thanks Wazoo, for moving this from the mail host forum to the email forum]

I selected held mail.

How did you select heldmail?

Bang! it was not delivered and not forwarded. 

No mail is ever delivered or forwarded out of heldmail without you selecting individual pieces or checking all and selecting an action in the drop down menu and then excuting that action.

Was there any mail in your heldmail folder?

What did you do?

How have you setup your mail account to handle mail,

Did you check the inbox?

Why have I lost my mail?
may sound like a simple question, it is not. Please provide as much information as possible as to software you are using and step by step details as to what actions you took.

One posibility, you sent it to the trash.

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