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Import to address book

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I'm wondering if others are having the same issue...

I used the export command in my Microsoft Entourage (OS X) address book, which creates a tab delimited text file.

When I enter the SpamCop address book and go to import/export and import the file, it seems to read the file correctly. (I can tell because it shows you the first line of the file and you select a checkbox that indicates the first line is actually the field names). Once you move past this point, there seems to be a big flaw in the SpamCop system. The system wants you to match the file field names with the system address book field names. The only problem is that you can't see the system field names because the box where they should appear is only 1/8" wide and has no text in it. The file field names appear correctly on the right, and the two matched names fields on the bottom are both 1/8" wide.

I first thought this might be an OS X problem, so i tried the Safari, Explorer and Camino browsers. Then I transfered the text file to a Windows XP system and using the Explorer browser, I had same problem.

At this point, I can only assume its a bug in the SpamCop address book either in general or when using a tab delimited text file.

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Learn something new every day. I never knew there was an import/export of the address book.

Anyway, since I have never used it before, I tried exporting the 2 addresses I had and found when imported back in, the fields were already matched in the lower part of the screen. If I changed the order around, the mismatched ones showed in the top section just fine. I also created my own tab delimited file with as follows:


On import, the importer matched up the email address and placed it in the lower screen but needed help with the name field.

One thing, however, when I got to the screen that asked if the top row were the headings, there were 2 rows of data showing, not just one. THe second row was the first row of data.

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