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New Look Browser Issues


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Abouth the JS error in Opera 6.03 on mac OS 9.2.2

it looks like its having truble loading the last part of the "Official endorsments:" part and the "PayPal Donate" bottom

Its the same in Opera. However her i get that error, i dont get it in IE.

Cant it bee this that IE is choking on ???

It looks like after you corected the old error IE start working ???


P.S. Im sorry for my poor english, hope you understand my.

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But that isn't going to change the fact the IE is broken.

...That I do not understand. Can you please elaborate? My view is that since IE claims to be CSS1 compliant then, if it is, it is NOT broken -- it is only broken if it actually IS NOT CSS1 compliant. But I admit I am not particularly conversant regarding the proper manner for referring to browser compliance to standards.

As mentioned in another thread, CSS1 is OLD and even CSS2 is from 1998 so any browser released after that time, claiming to be standards compliant should be CSS2 compliant. That is why it is considered broken.


...In that case, I must be "broken" because I'm old! :D <big g>

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I dont know what happend or what you have don . but now it works on my IE 5.2.2 on mac OS 9.2.2

Ok. I was a littel to quick. :rolleyes:

its only the submit page that works :(

When i click the "process spam" Bottom the site goes blank and the browser freez, Ill have to force quit.

When i restart the browser and log on agin to spamcop i can see that i now have a unreporteted spam and im askd if i want to report it. if i click "report now" the browser freez agin :(

well well well. it look like its getting closer to work in mac IE, but ther is stil some work to be don. i think its abouth the scripts. not the stylesheet. ;)

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