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Unable to report.


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Dear All,

After forwarding my mail to spamcop, there will be a Report Now button after waiting for awhile.

I clicked it and it will direct me to another confirmation page if i wanted to report the mail that i have sent. By right there will be a report button at the bottom of the page.

But today i try reporting and its gone. 


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There are several thread just below your post in this forum that may relate to your issue:

Spamcop server made some mistake. or Cyrillic domain in email body and others.

However, for other readers able to know if these other threads apply to your problem it would be necessary to see parser's results.

It would be helpful if you would provide a Tracking URL of an example.

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Hi everyone!

Since this is my first post let me say a big thank you to everyone involved with SpamCop. This is such a good tool and very much needed in this spammy world. :-)

I experience that same problem regularly with spam that includes cyrillic letters. A current one has this Tracking URL:


Attached you can find a screenshot of the apparently broken parsing results.

Thanks and greetings from Germany


Bildschirmfoto 2017-10-10 um 12.05.50.png

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