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Does SpamCop try to "patternise" spam in any way? A lot of spam, as I am continually told, comes from faked addresses. But there could be some pattern in all of this, at some level in the chain, surely. As a receptacle for thousandsd of reports, does SC try any correlation etc?

Thanks for any advice

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comes from faked addresses

please change to "comes with fake/forged (e-mail) addresses" .... and SpamCop doesn't waste time playing with "addresses" ....

does SC try any correlation etc

The SpamCop parsing and Reporting tool is just that, a "simple" tool to analyze your spam and and sned a complaint to an appropriate target .. and hopefully finding a willing ISP to handle the situation appropriately.

The only "aggregation" would be the collection of statistics on the source IP address of the spew, so as to feed the SpamCopDNSbl, which can be used to 'manage' incoming e-mail for those that can configure things to use it.

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