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Mail forwarding based on filter

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You may consider this as a feature request if not currently implemented.

Scenario: I want to forward a copy of a mail messages to my cellphone based on the "TO:" field of the message, as soon as it has been received.

Problem: Using the web interface I used the filter utility. It allows me to specify the "TO:" field for the filtering; however, in the action list box there is no option for redirecting the message to my cell e-mail address. Looking at the help pop-up page I've noticed that an option named "Deliver to my INBOX and redirect to," which would work perfectly, is supposed to be part of the options.

I navigated through this newsgroup with no success for an answer. I apologize if it was previously posted and I missed it. Any help is greatly appreciated.


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That would not work anyway because those filters are only activated when you are logged into the webmail client.

The webmail client is not part of the mail server where the messages are stored and has no access to the messages unless you are logged in.

There have been several requests over the years to provide a "hold and forward" option to the delivery area (which is part of the server functions) but those requests have not been implemented.

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