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New AOL redirector not getting picked up


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Apoligies if this should go to the newsgroups instead; I don't have a news client here at work.

As I recall, Spamcop strips out redirected URLs to report the actual target link, not the redirector itself. I just came across the following link in a spam:


Hmm, the forum software messes that up. The last part of the URL is:

www.aol.com/ams/clickThruRedirect.adp [...] 2147862773x2147592545,http://pharmacyfuture.com/?partid=s23

Which parses as:

Resolving link obfuscation


host = aol-v9.evip.aol.com (cached)

Tracking link: http://www.aol.com/ams/clickthruredirect.a...com/?partid=s23

Resolves to

Using abuse net on domains[at]aol.net

abuse net aol.net = abuse[at]aol.com

Using best contacts abuse[at]aol.com

It seems to me that pharmacyfuture.com is the real offender here.

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Agree that the ultimate target should be the ending web site in your case, but on the other hand, why do these major ISPs allow something that should be for "their own internal use" things to be manipulated by spammers? This redirect crap is basically nothing more than tracking via server hits which brings up all that other paranoic stuff about tracking, type and quantity of data collected, etc ...

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