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collecting full headers is not what it used to be

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i have been using spamcop on and off for over a decade, i age up last time because i kept being un formed by spamcop that i had not included full headers ....

it appears that a few years ago, spammers succeeded in managing to prevent reporters of spam, like myself, from collecting the full headers and so were left unable to post


i have just come back to the website today to try and report some new spam, but lo and behold the spam headers are again being "hidden" from me, in that altho i can see them with my own eyes, they do not allow themselves to be `"captured" by copy ... and so the resulting paste only seems to paste partial headers


has this ever been addressed on this forum???


it cannot have only happened to me

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Welcome back to the forum.  The forum is full of threads in response to the error messages regarding improper headers.  In all cases the problem involves the application used to look at the email and/or retrieve the header to report to the SpamCop parser.

The spammer can not hide the header from email applications.  Without the header any application, in the path to your ISP, at your ISP or on your CP (or a webmail app) would not know to who to deliver the email. Are you using a webmail application or an email application on your PC?  Has the application been updated lately?

To help you report your spam other forum member will need that information to help.

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