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Mole Reporting is Back


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This is all I can offer, and not even sure what it actually means at this point, other than Julian says that it's back (in some form) Thankfully, it would appear that I'm not alone in not knowing of the (recent?) change.


A while back, RW made mention of holding off on

updating some FAQs due to waiting for a hard drive

replacement. I was just notified by a Forum user

that the existing "mole" FAQ has been changed,

noting a date of 2 July .... Though I did

conjecture elsewhere that Julian might resurrect

mole reporting, the current FAQ looks more like

a rebuild from a backup .... Is mole reporting

back or is the FAQ hosed?


sigh.... the faq is wrong. I think you are right

in assuming the faq was rebuilt from an old backup.

I wonder how many other faqs are wrong and/or

missing :-(

Looks like I know what I'm doing for the next

few days :-(


I have no idea -- I'll ask Julian. TTBMK mole

reporting has not been resurected altho I could

be wrong about that.


The mole reporting is enabled, but there has been

no decision on what weight it will be given for

the blacklist. It does work though, and ISPs may

see aggregate counts of mole reports, if they

request them.


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OK, some further dialog ....


.... as Julian states, mole "reporting" never really went away. It was

just changed how it affects the bl stats.

Mole accounts are active and they do count in the stats, but they don't

count in the BL. Initially, the thinking was to give them a .5 score or

something like that, but Julian didn't have time to come up with the

coding right away, so the weight was set to zero and put on his 'to do' list.

Weighting will be applied some day, just not sure when.

When an ISP looks at aggregate counts (whether they've opted

for those mailings or look at their isp account on the webpage) they will

see 'trap reports = xx, spam reports = zz, mole reports = yy'.


So at this point, I guess we're back to the FAQ change as being a

result of a back-up from an older copy, probably looking to be

changed when Richard gets time to get that accomplished ... and

perhaps changed once again when Julian gets back to deciding

and re-coding the mole reporting stats portion ...

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Just to bring the data / situation up to date, the following exchange from the newsgroups is provided .....

"WazoO" wrote in message news:cm1m81$8rs$1[at]news.spamcop.net...

> "geo_splash_12" wrote in message news:cm1jf1$48u$1[at]news.spamcop.net...

> >

> > I'm wondering about the mole reporting effectiveness in spamcop.


> http://forum.spamcop.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=2030

> includes commentary from most of the major players

> involved in a few of the decisions. <g>

Yes, mole reporting exists. No, they don't count towards the blocklist. Yes,

we look at the mole reports when we are evaluating a specific IP or IP range

or working on an issue. No, we never send mole report headers to an ISP/hosting

company/etc. We do appreciate the fact that people continue to report as


ISPs can sign up for summary reports -- daily or hourly -- and many have

signed up. The summary reports are just that -- lists of IPs and counts of

spams -- and if looked at or scripted by an ISP/hosting company they do

indicate where there are problems or emerging issues.



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