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Question on member mail reporting

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I know this is a spam reporting question, but it pertains to a function that I've only seen as a paying user.

What is the most effective way to report spam?

"Quick - report immediatly and trash"


"Queue for reporting (and move to trash)"

I ask, because when I have queued mail for reporting, after 4+ hours, the mail never got reported. When I do the Quick reporting, I get this message in the sent out reports:

Reports regarding this spam have already been sent:
Re: (Administrator of network where email originates)
   Reportid: 1102614693 To: nospam[at]hanaro.com
   Reportid: 1102614698 To: spamrelay[at]certcc.or.kr

If reported today, reports would be sent to:
Re: (Administrator of network where email originates)


Re: (Third party interested in email source)


Re: http://bacon.wopoloveok.com/tp/default.asp?id=tzr (Administrator of network hosting website referenced in spam)


So that means that the 3rd party and website host in the spam were not notified? How do I ensure that they DO get notifed, in addition to the other recipients I specify (like Federal Trade Commission)? Would the Queue reporting function do this?



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To start with, you're going to have to pick one subject and troubleshoot that one.

Quick-reporting only goes after the source of the e-mail spam spew.

If you want other involved parties to get reported, don't use Quick-Reporting.

If you're having an issue with not receiving confirmation e-mails for submitted spam, that's another whole issue.

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OK. Thanks for that, I wasn't sure what the difference was.

So my problem is receiving the mail for the full reporting. For example, this is taken from my "Recent reports" page:

Submitted: Thursday, July 08, 2004 1:08:25 PM -0700:

Gua-rantee L0west Pr|ce! byl agh z vnndmh

1102746309 ( ) To: abuse[at]charter.net


Submitted: Thursday, July 08, 2004 12:13:37 PM -0700:

RE: Mo[r]tgage Application

No reports filed


Submitted: Thursday, July 08, 2004 11:19:00 AM -0700:

re:cc:Overnight Delry on all meds.

1102614698 ( ) To: spamrelay[at]certcc.or.kr

1102614693 ( ) To: nospam[at]hanaro.com


So I submitted that report at 12:13pm and it's not 2:03pm and the page says nothing was reported; the othe reports I did as "QUICK", so I could test the time a "QUEUE" report took. Does that mean there is a lag or is there some other problem?

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For your "missing" e-mail, start with http://forum.spamcop.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=1848 .... usually, if there was this long delay, both the newsgroups and these forums would be rampant with complaints ... that isn't going on at present, so the next "most popular" item is that your registered e-mail account bounced, setting the flag at the SpamCop server, and thus your outgoing e-mail isn't ....

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figured it out.... once queued, I had to go to "REPORT spam" to complete the process. I couldn't find any help info that instructed me to do so... sorry for the dumb questions.

When reporting this way, are we still receiving notification that the reports were sent? I'm not receiving any, but I've checked addresses. No big deal if not, I atleast know how to complete the process now.

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no one else chimed in, I'm not an e-mail user, so take anything I say here with caution .. the confirmation e-mails that everyone talks about, complains about when they are slow to come or allegedly never arrive, are e-mails sent from the SpamCop system to advise "you" that the spam submittal was accepted and the parsing has been completed, such that you would then handle the review and agreement (or not) of the targeted complaints. If you are talking about handling the whole process while logged into various e-mail web-pages, sending an e-mail to advise that something had happened would seem to be a bit redundant ...???

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I think my confusion was due to the notification on the "QUICK" reporting, but not the QUEUED reporting. Once I saw that I need to "REPORT spam" and click the links to finish the reporting, the process became clear to me.


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