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This shouldn't be so confusing, but it is :-)

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Hi there, please can someone explain what I should do to register for the mailhosts system. Can someone also explain what it is that I'm missing if I DON'T register for it...

I have six email addresses that I check everyday. some are personal, some work related. Noe of them are forwarded, all of them are sperate pop3 accounts. I use Outlook 2003 with each account listed.





these are all [AT]lapsuslinguae.co.uk

then there's



these 2 are all [AT]ginezbukov.com

Not all are affected by spam (thankfully!) but I would like them all registered to use the FREE Spamcop spam reporting service.

Can all of these be sent to the one spamcop forwarding address? If not, are there any practical ways to automate forwarding of spam to the corect email address?

please let me know, I'm finding this a tad confusing.


Alasdair :(

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There are already numerous postings in this part of the Forum that address your specific query. It is not the "e-mail address" .. it is the server (e-mail host) that your account is on ... so based on your example, your have two servers (mail-hosts) to deal with ..

Have you actually registered for a "FREE" SpamCop account? If you are already submitting via e-mail, then this would be the only address available for forwarding anything to ... noting that all dialog, confirmation, troubles, etc. are all sent back to your "registered" e-mail address.

Mail-Host registration has been described as eventually becoming mandatory.

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Hi there,

I'd written a long reply but forgot when I was restarting firefox [curse the tabs! no actually I love them :-) ].

here's my paraphrasing in action....

1. Sorry for not spotting the answer to my question...

2. Maybe the instructions could have been a little clearer before & during the registration process...

3. How the heck do I find the link to the mailhosts registration system? I can't find it anywhere on your sitemap/home page/emails sent from the parser/page showing reports etc.

4. Have I messed everything up by attempting this when I didn't really have a clue to what was going on? (I'm used to having my hand held by websites these days!)

5. Where's the link? :P

thansk for yoru time, hope someone's paying you for it..


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You didn't say, so I've got to play "let's pretend" here ... If you have signed up for a "free" account, then you should have an e-mail that includes some links .. the one in particular that I know of will look like http://www.spamcop.net/?code=SomeStrIngOfTextNumbers .. go to this page, and (on the "default" page I see), there are buttons at the top left, the bottom most is MailHost ...

If you can't find the link, I have no idea what you've started, thus even less of a clue as to what you could have messed up thus far ...

strictly volunteer here ..

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Sorry I was hoping I'd be able to respond before you, but you're quick off the mark!

I have registered with spamcop's free service. I also found the mailhosts button and have hopefully set everything up properly for both of the mailhosts that I use. Here follows a rant that I wrote while you were overtaking me on the fastlane :P

OK time for more apologies, I found the link. It's on the page you visit when you click the hyperlink for a web based spam report which is in the inital email that spamcop sends you when you sign up.

.. however upon remembering that I'd read this 'sticky' at the start of this long winded affair I realised the source of my confusion.

I'm of the opinion that complete and meaningful installation instructions should be in the one location. EVEN if it's for a service which doesn't incur any monetary charge.[free] (I'm not really into the idea of instructions being contained in forum threads in the first place... forums are so hard to organise/navigate, but's that's another discussion).


"Warning: If you use this new system, you must complete the configuration process for all accounts where you receive spam. If you fail to complete the configuration for one of your legitimate mail hosts, you may cause SpamCop to attribute spam to it."

To me, someone who speaks english as a first language, that reads to me that I should register all my email addresses or something "BAD" might happen - spamcop thinks I'M sending spam?!

I take the meaning of attribute as to :

"To regard as the work of a specified agent, place, or time."

That's why I thought it imperative to register ALL my addresses irrespective of whether they were on the same mailhost. I feel that statement is misleading, it contains two conflicting sentences. However I'm clearly going to have to be a little more dilligent with my research :D

I change my mind, this is displayed when you click the mailhosts button I mentioned:

Add mailhost

Please remember to register all your email accounts.

If that isn't misleading, what the heck is?

keep up the good work and thanks for your time. hope it's all worthwhile friend.


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History - Julian (owner/programmer) did up some code, asked for some volunteers here to test it. Someone took this data to the newsgroups, which caused lots of folks to jump in (too) quickly. So things started off badly <g> Original instruction (?) were just a quick set of notes (again, it supposed to be a small test), and no doubt with the thought of one person, one ISP e-mail account .. basically, things have yet to cath up, and yes, documentation has always been a complaint. The pages/instructions you are talking about were written by the programmer, who is busy doing all the programming <g> .. access to the servers that this data is on is available to less than a half-dozen folks ... Julian (programming), Don (does the administrative work), JT (owner and maintainer of the e-mail side of the house, thus not having anything to do with the Mail-host thing), Richard (I believe is also still a volunteer) ... and I'll assume a couple of IronPort folks who don't really deal with the stuff beyond keeping the quipment running ... not trying to justify the situation, just offering the background ....

This is the basic reason for support being offered via these Forums and the newsgroups on a peer-to-peer basis, else there'd be very little user support at all. Ellen has stated that doing up the instructions are on her list, but ... the catch is that none of "us" has the access or knowledge to guess at what's going on behind the scenes with this Mail-Host thing, so there is only so much that any of "us" here can offer.

That said, congrats on getting this far along, let's hope that the rest of it falls into place. Welcome to SpamCop <g>

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