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Need help to trace a Spammer


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Hello everyone

I have a serious spam problem. - We all have You think.

But this one is the other way around.

It all started about two months ago. I started to recieve messages about undeliverable mail. However I hadn't sendt out any of these mails, so at first I thought it was a virus on someones infected computer that had used my adresse to send out mail. But after a while I understood that this had to be something different and I took a closer look at the messages. Then I understood that someone was useing my domain name as the sender on spam messages that he was sending out.

I first thought that my mailserver was unsecure, but after I took a closer look at the headings on the "non delivered spam messages" I soon understood that these messages was posted from ip adresses that does not belong to me.

He is obvious a smart fellow. He sends all the messages and I get all the returns.

No problem for him and a lot for me.

So my question to the qualified people out there is: Can someone find this spammer? I want to take legal action agains him for illegally useing my domain name. I have a lot of returned email that I could forward to anyone if someone could be of any assistance. It will help me double - remove my problem & at the same time stop a spammer.

Anyone ?

Sammy95 :(

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Interesting, I just sent an e-mail off to Spambo asking if he could handle the traffic if I added his site to the list of links .... much too soon for an answer, but ... here you are with a question .... so here's a couple of links ...

When spammers use your name.

Joe Jobs, Forged From: Addresses

(If Spambo says no, I'll come back and remove his link)

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Thank You Wazoo! I will check out this sites.

The spammer obvious uses a program that changes between different (sender) domain names. I started to scan my own spam-trash folder after I discovered that my domainname has been abused. Then I was able to find the same spam messages sendt directly to me from the same spammer, but with another (abused) domain name as the sender.

The sender email adresse is always something like: kghwgjf[at]mydomain.com but with a real (fake!) name like "John Smith" or any other common name.

He obviously uses several senderdomains every time (to spread the load on several domains?).

One thing I noticed was that the domains abused was temporary not set up. I guess he has scanned the net for the word "unavailable". My domain had a "We are temporary unavailable" webpage up for two weeks at that time when I switched to a new webhost. Other domains that has been abused (from my spam-folder) also had a similar webpage up.

Still open for more helpful tips !


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