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And since emails can easily be mimicked, can spamcop detect that an email is actually being sent from the alleged address and not from another (by a disgruntled acquaintance or competitor or the like)?

Stephen Lian

Active Data Online Pty Ltd

Spamcop only lists IP addresses. It does not list email addresses. The IP address is the numbered address xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx assigned to the interent service provider (ISP) that you use to send your email. If you had read this thread, you would understand that there are many email addresses on an IP address. All of them are blocked when spam is reported coming from that IP address.

I don't know anything about Outlook and have never heard of a program not letting you send email (except to warn you when the program is using the same subject for a lot of emails). I expect that there is something in the options or preferences or whatever it is called in Outlook that will let you change that setting so that you can send email. If it is correct, that your IP address is in the spamcop bl, then your emails may be blocked by an ISP of a correspondent who is using the spamcop bl to block spam, but not all ISPs use the spamcop bl.

In order to get help you will have to know the IP address that is being blocked.

There is a pinned FAQ 'Why Am I Blocked' that will be helpful to you to understand what is happening.


Miss Betsy

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For starters, although S.L. did a good thing by finding a Topic related to his issue and posted within that Topic, I stepped in and extracted this query out of that morass of confusion. (Although also having to agree with Miss Betsy's observation that if that Topic had actually been looked at a bit, the difference between "address" and "IP" should have become clear.)

Yes, there is some sort of data that exists as to why an IP makes it to the BL. How much of that data can be seen by other than Admin staff depends on the data and type of complaints.

Outlook responds with an error reading that my address is in bl.spamcop.net

I'm really thinking that what you meant was that you receive rejection notices from an ISP that uses the SpamCopDNSbl as a tool to manage their incoming spew. This is quite different than "an error messge" which is something that would "pop up" on your screen.

In fact, I even get the error when I try to send a test email to myself -- ie, the same address

Not sure I really follow this, as in general, sending an e-mail to yourself on the same system (the way I interpret "same address") .. the e-mail wouldn't leave the server ... but not knowing what system we're talking about, perhaps your ISP has multiple servers assigned to various tasks, then perhaps your outgoing hit one server, was sent to another server for incoming, and this one also uses the SpamCOpDNSbl for their spam control .... but again, all guesses as you provided no data on just who it is that we're talking about.

I've reported it to my host, and I've sent an email to spamcop.

Here's hoping you provided more data than you provided here.

The problem is intermittent,

Best guess is to explain that you'll only see the "problem" when sending e-mail to an ISP that is using the SpamCopDNSbl, and then only if that ISP uses the BL in a "reject" mode, vice the suggested "Tag" mode.

Please follow up on Miss Betsy's suggestions.

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If you are talking about activedataonline.com.au

Resolved activedataonline.com.au to

activedataonline.com.au has 1 MX record mail.activedataonline.com.au.(10)

Resolved mail.activedataonline.com.au to is not listed in Spamcop but it is listed in SPEWS

See: http://spews.org/html/S1239.html

SPEWS is down the hall ----> that way :)

Hope this helps.

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