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I moved this thread to the Lounge from Reporting Help because, in the OP there is not a question about how to report to SC.

NOTE: In this thread we must be VARY CAREFUL not to stray into the political realm.  Editing/Redaction will be active to avoide political comments.


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1 hour ago, kolor said:

how to stop this spam

Good question.  I received 15 similar spam from the same source today.  Mine were "Real News" as apposed to your "Approval Poll Response"

I was 'amused' by the source, exacttarget.com  In my case someone sold them a dictionary list they used to flood my domain.  Many of the mailboxes are obscene.  From the same source I also got a bunch for Las Vegas and College Basketball spam, same type of mailboxes.

My spam was FROM: Whitehouse.gov (easily forged) which is what caught my attention.

It is pure speculation whether this spam stream was actually paid for by real American political groups or some other group attempting to affect the American political process/public opinion.  Not being a social media person, this is the first political oriented spam that has fouled my bandwidth. 

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53 minutes ago, kolor said:

I still received the Tramp spam from the same pool number as




just click the unsubscribe AND REPORT as spam. Also in Gmail click report as spam. Then click "report Phishing"

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2 hours ago, kolor said:

This I doing all time my brother.Better question is why this server is not at reports spam list.

SpamCop is disabled from sending reports to abuse@c.exacttarget.com for starters. As they are not acting on unsubscribe try adding  to report

phishing-report@us-cert.gov  USA - Indiana is their domain. in notes "bogus unsubscribe"

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