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Interesting ... I see that some of the www.spamcop.net web-page FAQs have in fact changed somewhat recently.  One that comes close to almost touching this http://www.spamcop.net/fom-serve/cache/95.html has been softened up quite a bit from what my mind recollects.  (I also don't recall the HTML scripting errors that slid the words around from the use of color)  Specifically, throwing up any 'legal' stuff might want to wait until the current court cases run their course.  Then there'd be judgements that could be pointed to also.


It looks like I was guilty of too little detail (sorry about that). I was referring more to the posts threating legal action because "SpamCop is blocking my e-mails!" (which, of course, it isn't). If this is adequately covered in the new FAQ, my apologies - none of the possible subject choices seem like a good match (although "Why am I Blocked?" touches on it).

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Thank you Ellen, I am attempting to find which account they are using but have not had much luck yet.  Are there tools available which will help me in this task?


You are going to need to talk to the MTA manufacturer and/or find a newsgroup or website devoted to that software. I don't know enough about it to be able to offer any practical suggestions. Of course changing all the passwords to strong passwords might be one thing to try - even tho you will have users rioting in the hallways :-) I'm sorry I can't be more helpful.

I cna tell you that there have not been any new spam hits in the last couple of days *but* this should not make you complacent about the problem as this spammer specifically will lay off servers when they are listed and then come back again a few days later and start right back up :-(

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