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SpamCop E-Mail Service Quota


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Lack of actual and official documentation leaves only this version of historical bits of data put together as the unofficial but not yet discounted answer to the "How much e-mail can I store here?" question.

When JT first offered to provide this service and set the system up, the original "estimated" limit was offered as being 15Meg of space. Noting that as originally designed, the SpamCop e-mail service was targeted to provide filtering for e-mails transitioning through the SpamCop servers on their way to/from an individual's "real" account. In this type of flow, the only e-mail "held" on the SpamCop servers would be the spam which would be waiting for the user to show up and run it through the reporting system, then it would also disappear. In this scenario, it would normally be a strange occurrance that a user would have to worry about collecting this much spam.

However, with all the requests made as time marches on, apparently some folks have taken to using the SpamCop e-mail servers as a repository for all of their e-mail. Add in some default configuration issues (the lack of a Trash folder, thus leading to a build up of Held Folder contents), the setting to Move deleted stuff to Trash but never actually going in and handling the Trash contents, the failed mode of the automatic deletion of old e-mail .. on and on .. all this stuff lead to issues for some folks in trying to login, handle some items even after successfully login ing, and complaints of slowness and other bad stuff happening .. again, these issues and procedures have caused others to ask about the storage limits.

So here we go .... the "advertised" limit is 15 Meg worth of e-mail.

In reality, there is no enforced limit. However, allowing your Folders to accumulate too much stuff leads to operational issues. And just a bit more clarification on even that issue is as follows, my last query of JT about these limits, back on 29 July 2004;


Although not an answer to the original question, but further data provided;

> Some seem to be excited over the description of Folder

> size limits as being a "suggested 15Meg, but currently not

> enforced" .. but noting that allowing Folders to get this

> big usually causes issues with logging in, handling, etc. ...

It's not the size of the folders that matters, it's the number of messages.

Having 100 1MB messages in a folder is no problem at all for logging in or

anything. Having 15,000 tiny messages IS a problem.

We're currently still transitioning to the new file servers which we hope

will help with this since they're much faster.



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...So is this a proposed entry for a pinned item for the Email forum?

Actually already added to the FAQ, much as this hurts .... it does suck a bit as an actual answer, but ... I tried to cover all the issues surrounding the question ....

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