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Cyclic Nature of Spam


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Is someone else keeping track of the ups and downs of stats page? I notice the trends on that page pretty much correlate to the ammount of spam I get. I also noticed that a lot of statistics such as webadvertised domains and spam origin ISP go together with my reporting.

Maybe it's just haphazard (only people with access to the reports could really speculate on this). Seems to me that all it's left are spammers unaffected by spamcop reporting (just a thought). I know this idea came up before, and I know that SpamCop is not taking the extra step to be more aggressive about these spammers. What is discouraging is that it seems that our reporting on Chinese, Brazilian, and Korean hosted spam advertizing seems to accomplish little or nothing as long as our own ISPs chose to NOT blacklist those repeated offenders (that is true in my case).

Bottom line is that after reporting daily for so long and getting to a point where the harassment seems to be narrowed down, but report-resistant, I would like to see a next stage when these idiots are closed down for good.

PS. It may be useful to have the statistic of webadvertized domains or repeated offenders just bellow the overall statistic of spamreporting in graph form. I am sure it would confirm my own suspicions.

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I believe we all would, but how do you propose that be accomplished?


For example that data could be fed to a Metablock site (similar to Meta-Search Engines) that could feed into all blocks when there is an overlap threshold. Most ISPs are using at least one filtering method, unless there is a convergence of this data, spammers will find ways to bypass some blocks. If anything there should be support for this idea, or discussion of it as spam is becoming as severe and taking over more than half of internet traffic. I am just a lowlife reporter, but I certainly want to see more action after reporting for so long.

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Well, sometimes our reporting has its rewards, this one is funny:

To whom it may concern:

Thanks for your information. We have found out the Spammer or Port Scan/Probe and taken the appropriate and necessary actions to stop him/her from doing it again.

For those repeated spammers or Port Scan/Probe , we willl stop his/her accesss rights instantly.

We are here to apologize for their inappropriate behaviors.


Sony Network Taiwan Limited

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