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Default behavior of Held Mail button changed


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Per e-mail to Deputies, Don, and me;

I've changed the default behavior of the Held Mail button at the top of the

page in webmail. It now takes you to the Held Mail folder in webmail,

instead of the old VER page. Since you can report spam, whitelist, and

release emails from the webmail view, I think this is superior in just

about every way.

The old page still exists and users can get to it by going straight to the

old URL. There's no plan for this to go away right away, although that may

happen eventually. I expect a lot of complaints and questions from the

users as they get used to this. If they want to complain, just tell them to

bookmark the old URL and go straight to it. No need even to login to



And a follow-up from Don;

By "old URL" he means for the users to log into http://mailsc.spamcop.net

and access Held Mail from there. It's the only way they can queue spam for

regular reporting (as opposed to quick reporting) and some of them may

prefer the look and feel of that interface.

- Don -

and a bit later;

Thanks Jeff.

I'm going to start encourageing users in this direction now too - I'll

change the "held mail" link on the reporting pages to go to imp login too.

Or at least put a message at the top of the page telling users to use it

instead. I think we can create a login form that takes users directly to

the held mail folder.


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