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Obfuscated hostname "breaks" SpamCop report page?


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I have a pending report https://www.spamcop.net/sc?id=z6482169832z1c8bdddf658335f33b7b4b8abdb15f13z

I cannot submit it because the page stops half way through the analysis output and does not include any of the reporting buttons.

The attached image shows the bottom of the page.  I looked at the page source and it ends there as well (i.e. there is no unrendered content in the HTML).


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I would suggest delete the offending body (and with it the obfuscated links) and replace it with something like "body deleted."

start deleting with line



to the end (including matching line).  Make sure to leave the blank line  which signals the end of the header/start of the body.  Follow the blank line with your comment.


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