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Suspended webhost account


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A PM from user onart

I am sorry for using this form I don't find another contact address on the site.

Not sure where you looked, but there are addresses listed in a lot of places. No, a PM to me isn't going to resolve things, based on several things, some of which are listed below.

This is the second time that my webhosting account from

100megswebhosting.com has been suspended

No details offered, so even if contact with 100megs was going to be contemplated, there's nothing to reference. What happened the last time and how was it resolved?

I can't even access my email that the spamcop account was forwarding to,

Have you turned off the forwarding?

because as stated by my webhost: "I suspended your account this morning.... over the past three months Ive lost track on how many spam complaints we've had on your account, our client list shows previous complaints dating back as early as may of 2003. Some were errors some were legit.

Again, no data for me/us/whoever to look at anything.

Generally after a couple complaints, its enough to warrant permenant suspension but in your case, myself Ive seen several complaints, this has to cease unfortunatly we have a strict spam policy.

I can count 6 spamcop warnings from today on back to the begining of september last month. If you like I can provide copies of all six of them."

This appears to be from the web host, but those reports would help in the analysis from here to see what's going on.

Being a user here myself: I am not sending any spam mails and whatever has been sent to my webhost must be in error but the results are fatal as well. is there anything that can be done FAST about this???

Again, what would I/someone look at to even begin to hazard a guess?

I have no way to control what is happeneing with these email adresses or spams myself, since I am on shared hosting.

There's shared hosting for a web-site ... then there's an e-mail server that might be in the mix .. but thus far, no idea whether it's a spamvertised web-site, e-mail server, or domain name that's at the root of your situation.

Thomas Struszka (please reply to laura <at> 1arts.com since I maybe will get the mail then.)

This Thomas / laura thing might stand a bit of clarification also.

This has been posted into the Lounge, as it really doesn't fit the other Forum areas. I don't make a practice of trying to perform one on one support via PM ...

Specifcally what you apprently need to do is contact Deputies <at> admin.spamcop.net with enough data for them to even start taking a look at something. Noting that the decision of your host is nothing SpamCop has any control over, but certainly at this point, no one on this side of the situation can go anywhere with no data.

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Many thanks, I will try to contact the deputies address. SOmetimes its hard to find the right spot on webpages - I usually go to the faq and help section and find anything, but what I am looking for... so this time too.

Best wishes


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