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New to reporting spam. Forwarding not working


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These spammers won't let me opt out even though they provide a link to do so. Hence I joined this site. I have been trying to forward the messages but I always get a response from spam cop saying it couldn't find the information it needs in the spam email, then shows all this text I don't understand. The spam is apparently no text but pictures. In addition to fake the opt out link they provide their address of:


Variable group 3923 28th st. SE #341 Grand Rapids, MI 49512


Which I'm about to send a physical letter but I'm betting I'll just waste a stamp. So what do I do here? Thanks


If it helps I'm using Gmail from the app on my phone 

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Spammers will include an "opt out" link to help them look legitimate.  The do us their "opt out" as a way to validate the email addresses on their spam list. Sorry.

To help understand your reporting/forwarding problem, we need a little information:  What email application are you using? Are you using Thunderbird or Outlook?  Or are you using something like gmail's web application in your browser?

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