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New Outlook Update


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Hey crew, sorry if this is the wrong forum, I'm not super proficient with technology and there's all sorts of words that get thrown around, but here goes.

I was using the all-in-one submission form to send reports from Outlook by doing the "view message source" thing, copying, and pasting. Bonza, worked a treat. Now there has been an update to the Outlook...look, and when I go through this process 2 things happen:

1. Doing 'select all' hotkey not only selects the message source code, but also the background of the page. Not a big deal, I can manually select all in about half a second; but...
2. When I paste it into the all-in-one box, an error shows saying it cannot 'parse' the header (whatever that means). I clicked on the view more information, and it showed how the 'Received from...' should be broken into two lines, or be properly indented or some such, but I don't know how to make this happen. It tells you to download workarounds or add ons, but the most recent is 2016 that I could see. Saving as an attachment and sending doesn't work...can someone describe in layman's terms what I am meant to do?

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I encountered this about the same time you did, and am wondering if it's related to the threads "Reporting not working mainbody" and "Outlook .com ‘Safelinks’" or is a different malady.  Whatever Outlook did to their layout/source code display, for days on end SpamCop has not been able to parse the header information I copy and paste.  I tried trimming off the extraneous bits but SpamCop still can't read it.

My last 25 reports have been manual submissions via email, hoping that would be a viable workaround, but logging into my account they all say "no report filed."

I've let Outlook know that this is wreaking havoc on my inbox but they don't seem to care.




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OK.  Since trying to contact a human at Microsoft is an exercise in madness, for questions of this nature it's usually best to go to the Microsoft help forum.  There are one or more threads about this very problem:  https://answers.microsoft.com/en-us/outlook_com/forum/oemail-osend/has-view-email-in-source-form-been-removed-from/e0b6b7f6-913e-4025-8e0d-cdd889b3c854

Here is what one of the mods had to say as of 9/23/2018 3:23:47 PM (EDT, I'm guessing):



You are correct there is no way to view headers in the New version.
Please add request to Uservoice they are constantly updating missing services in the new version and I agree this is an important feature.
We are only moderators on this site not Microsoft employee's.
Sorry the feature is not available I realize this is not the response that you'd like to hear.
So, Uservoice has the following thread on this subject.  It's a month old and addresses the beta version of the layout.  If this newest update is the non-beta version, there may be a more relevent thread.
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