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Not sure if this is the right place to post this, but...

My friend told me how much he liked SpamCop. So when I got my next spam email I typed "www.spamcop.com" into my browser (I didn't know it was "spamcop.net".

It redirected me to "vww.spamcop.com" (Note the 'v')

The page identified itself as SpamCop and gave me a "report" screen where I could paste an email and headers.

Just before posting my email, I asked my friend a question about the site and he stopped me from posting. Everything suddenly looked very suspisious about the site - the "v" I noted above, the not having to register or log in, etc. Can anyone tell me if the ".com" site is legit?

If it isn't, then it is very dangerous. It had a link to download a "free trial" of "spam Inspector", but I didn't download anything to verify that.

I signed up on and will use the ".net" site from now on, but I wanted to know about the other in case it was a scam.

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No, dot com is not legit

Thanks for the quick reply.

Do you know if it is a scam or just a competitor?

Can they be sued, shut down? Ok, I'm just a little irritated with myself that I almost fell for it.

... There, now I'm over it.

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quick answer .. do a search and look for either spamcop.com or spaminspector ... you should find both very recent and very old postings about that other "fine" company. Just noting that the .com address has changed hands (or at least business (?) names several times since Julian lost control of that domain. And no need to try to bring up the same question about .org ....

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