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Stop spam from online mail servers

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We're an ISP offering service overseas to some areas that are known for sending spam. In a constant effort to try to keep spam from being sent, we regularly get notices regarding it being sent from our block of IP addresses, regardless of the measures that have been taken to control it. Most is being sent from online mail servers, offering free email account, that obviously don't have spam control. Is there any software or routing that would stop email from being sent in these situations?

Thanks for any thoughts you might have.


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This question is much too general in nature. Though I'm sure that the folks that use your services must enter into some sort of contract with "you" .. I find no evidence of any sort of Terms of Service or Acceptable Use Policy on the corporate web page. Noting that you seem to be hinting at the customer of a customer being at the root of your problem/query .. but the "control" aspects start with the terms set into that contract that allows the bandwidth to be consumed.

Is spam mentioned, are there things like clean-up charges for violations, who actually makes the call on violations .... along that line, do you have the power/authority to actually take action on/about the complaints you do receive?

The control / monitoring scenarios you are asking about would have to take into account the spread of the access points, the systems/applications/operating systems in use, the type and amount of access "you" would have to all these 'downline' systems. For example, it's hard to guess at just how "you" would isolate the spam coming from a single computer in an Internet Cafe in Ethiopia if all "you" can monitor is the satellite traffic up/down links. (yes, I know it can be done, but I don't see that the company referenced is as big as those three letter U.S. Government outfits I used to work for <g>)

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Just my opinion........................

Looks like Moensted has received 9 pieces of spam to their spamtraps and you are blocked in Spamcop and there are reports for 6 other machines next to it.

First why relay mail for companies that do not have any spam control?

Your standards are only as high as the people you are doing business with. Sooner or later they will get you in every blocklist and no one will want your services.

The problem you are facing cannot be controlled with software. It must start with stricter standards and better policies.

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I would suggest the following:

check this link to see who gets reports for your IP blocks:


If possible, have your problem customers blocked for port 25 except to your own mail server.

(This works well! )

We call every customer that gets a spamcop complaint. They also get an email warning.

I have made it policy for our company that if the customer does not have a valid contact phone number we lock them until we can call them back on a working phone number.

... welcome to abuse desk h*ll :)

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