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munging cloudflare spammed links


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I would like to propose a change in SpamCop's handling of cloudflare links.

1. when looking up the whois for the domain, or test the link, do not use the full path, only use the domain name, as a visitor trigger trap causes more spam to be sent as soon as the report is performed.

I munged for that purpose every link in my "cloudflare" spams:





and so on and so forth.

it would be grand if SpamCop could do this automagically.

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I would like to second this change request with respect to any full path of web links as they can be linked to the recipient..  I was recently hit by one of these bots from AWS a month ago and received hundreds of spam until I saw this post from RobiBue and stopped all SpamCop processing on them. Once I stopped reporting them to SpamCop, they stopped immediately. 

I received another one this morning and unfortunately I didn't catch the source and bot servers and now I have received 50 of them in on swoop.


Too many to mung up for my liking.  I simply sent them to all other anti-spam agencies and skipped SpamCop.


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