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Mailhost configuration - multiple email addresses

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Setup - Mailhost for 1 email account, 1st problem - no field to add 2nd email address (for same host), so > Setup Mailhost for 2nd email account - got the following "information"


host xxxx:xxxx:x:xx:0:0:0:xx (getting name) no name

Test email processed succesfully.

xxxx's replaced actual "Relaying IPsv6"

Help please - what an I missing? (be nice)😉


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It is not necessary to add more than one email address if they are "all" handled by the same host.  The purpose of the round-robin email used to set up your mailhost is to document the normal path taken by email sent to the mailbox.

For example I have several domains each with more than one mailbox (postmaster, webmaster, abuse) with the email service all hosted by the same server.  It was necessary to set up my reporting mailhost once.

From what I understand from your post, your situation may be similar.

You can check the result by submitting spam sent to each email account and inspect the parser results (carefully) before pressing <Send> or <Cancel>

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Hello LKing, Thank you! I did read "one host covered more than 1 email address..", got a bit confused, that's when I tried to register the 2nd email address - the doco that references: Example 1: A, B, C  & Example 2: A, B, C, lead to some of the confusion...

Secondly, the date (2015 ?) of the "Configure Mail Hosts" "SpamCop is undergoing a major renovation... etc", " Soon, all SpamCop users will be required to use this new system", added to confusion...

For this exercise, as you twigged, I do have 1 host & 3 mail addresses, my mistake was assuming I had to add each email address. 3 hosts, 3 emails addresses.

 I always do check the parser before sending/submitting, not sure tho what your advice is suggesting I will find specific to the mail host issue, may I ask please if you'd elaborate on that point please?

As always, very appreciative of your helpful advice, many thanks😊





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Examples 1 & 2 illustrate the difference between situations where the mailhost configuration needs only one path (ex 1) and where more than one path needs to be included in the mailhost configuration.

In the past it was/is common for those with several email addresses, for security or business reasons, to have one email account forwarded to another for convenience in receiving/reading their email.  One example of this would be having an email account boss{AT}flimflam{DOT}com forwarded to myaccount{AT}spamcop{DOT}net (at one time to filter out spam) and then forwarded to abc123{AT}Hotmail{DOT}com where they are able to use a globally accessible web browser email interface to read email on any computer anywhere.  This would be example 1 and mailhost would only need to trace an email sent to boss{AT}flimflam{DOT}com.  As explained int the SC help, first configure abc123{AT}Hotmail{DOT}com with Mailhost; then myaccount{AT}spamcop and finely boss{AT}flimflam}DOT}com. This one tracking would also cover accounts like info{AT}flimflam or webmaster{AT}flimflam{DOT}com

In my personal situation mentioned before, multiple accounts on multiple domains all hosted on the same server follow the same path through my host - I do not forward one account to another.  (Down in the weeds) This works because SpamCop is really interested in the path of IP addresses not the path of domain names or accounts and the mail server(s) all have the same IP address (MX record).  As an aside this is why there is a problem with Hotmail and IPv6.  The forward/backward dns lookup table are not setup correctly so there appears to be a forgery.

Example 2 illustrates a situation were the above is not true.  For example, the boss at Flim Flam Company,  boss{AT}flimflam{DOT}com, forwards his business email to abc123{AT}Hotmail[DOT}com again for accessibility.  He also forwards email from his second job, busboy{AT}greasyspoon{DOT}com, to abc123{AT}Hotmail{DOT}com so he can easily read those emails too.  In the second example emails for boss and emails for busboy take different (IP) paths and so would each need to by entered into mailhost separately.  (abc123{AT}Hotmail{DOT}com first the the other two).

In a large number of cases (I'm guessing) both examples 1 & 2 are more complicated than most peoples email handling. If a person passes out their email address (abc123{AT}Hotmail{DOT}com and reads/receives their email from that same mailbox, then that one account is all they need to register with SC mailhost.  Back "in the good old days" email apps and access were not as robust as they are today and large providers, Outlook, gmail, AOL etc. did not do much about spam; thous SpamCop and forwarding by knowledgeable email users (geeks) through services to help with spam management in their inbox.

As you noted, in 2015 there was a major rewrite of the front end of SpamCop to better track down the sources of spam.  What was true then during the transition is still true.

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:)Thank you Lking!!, Re "I do not forward one account to another", me neither, however, I have setup the other MH's/email addresses, just to get some "actual" experience with the process, it all fits together better, in my brain:blink:, if I can do it as well as read it. And, I've dug out my cuisenaire rods to assist:lol:

Back to your elaborate explanation, you sure are creative, busboy at greasyspoon indeed! I wonder if there is such a place? I wonder if I'd eat there? Probably^_^

2015 - the bit that confused me "soon, all SpamCop users will be required to use this new system", as a newbie, I created a SC account, no prob, after some days I read the help, MH config etc, and at that stage could not work out how I'd been able to sign in/setup so easily, if the MHC was required, given it is way past 2015.

As you've probably concluded, I get confused easily, I failed Comp Sci, well not failed technically, just sent my teachers spare in the process of getting thru...That's why patient, specific, analytical folks such as yourself are gold. 

Thanks again!



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