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Spammer direct response


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Yesterday, I received the following:

"Hello SpamCop user,

We received a notice from SpamCop that you believe you received unwanted mail from us. I am writing to you to clear this matter up.

We only send out email to members - people who have signed up for a free account."

I understand that my address was may be somewhere in the spam and the spammer got it.

I asked to news.spamcop.net but I didn't get any "real" answers. What do I do with it?

Thank you

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It's sent from the spammer to me directly there is no mention of any Spamcop responder in the email header.


...IIRC, that doesn't matter -- SpamCop passes the reply to you without reference to the SpamCop responder. But don't take that as gospel ... it's been quite a while since I received one.

I won't do anything with it but trash it...  ;) I won't make my case worse.


...Good show! :) <g>

By the way, what is a LART?  B)


...Merlyn's reply is what I meant. Also see The Net Abuse Jargon File.
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I won't do anything with it but trash it... wink.gif I won't make my case worse.

Of course, in order to reply to a response to a spamcop report, you do need to make sure that your real email address is hidden. However, are you sure that you didn't sign up for their emails? Once in a while, even the best reporter will report something that they don't intend to. Perhaps you don't know how to find out what report they are referring to.

If you do know what report, and it is something you shouldn't have reported, then there is a FAQ on what to do. (probably don't have to notify the deputies because it will have already aged off if it ever did get on the bl).

OTOH, if it really is spam - they think that because they got your email address from either a 'guaranteed' confirmed list or because they don't take proper procedures to make sure there aren't typos or malicious sign ups or don't tell you that when you buy something, you are agreeing to be on their email list - then, if you have the time and expertise to hide your address, you could point out to them their mistake.

IMHO, responses to spamcop reports should not be ignored unless absolutely necessary.

Miss Betsy

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