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Email address disclosed in parsed report/spam Munging/Mole


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Reference LKing [http://forum.spamcop.net/topic/30970-when-it-report-a-spam-what-sensitive-information-from-reporter-is-passing-or-allowing/?tab=comments#comment-125100]  "By default your email address is hidden in spam reports


In a just parsed SpamCop report the:

"To: <x> "is hidden. 

However, the "X-SID-PRA: XTN-etc-removed by me to post to forum@HOTMAIL.COM" has my email address.

Thinking of how to work around not disclosing "X-SID-PRA" I contemplated setting: "Become a "mole" - Don't even send reports", however the statement  "(mostly pointless)" is confusing at best & alarming at worst - does "Don't even send reports" literally mean no reports are sent to the identified "abuse@addresses"? 

If that's yes, then I assume the only result of parsing spam emails as a "Mole" would be adding to stats...?

Is that correct?

For obvious reasons I'm not posting the spam report tracking url here as my email address will be on display to all.

Any comments/advice/suggestions please?


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3 hours ago, MIG said:

Any comments/advice/suggestions please?

My thought, basses for action, has always been 'that the fact that I got the spam proves they already have my email address'  As a result I have "spam Munging" set to " Leave spam copies intact "  I also have all my email filters turned off.  Have used these settings for years, almost as long as I have used the same email address (~22yrs).  In that time, I have had one DOS attack from India that lasted for two days and one spammer that sent me one very nasty profanity filled email (must have been a slow day at the bot farm).  Bottom line, any one spammer sends out 1,000s of not 1Ms of emails. I have issues but what level of ego is needed to think a spammer will single out my spam report for retribution or even read?  There is no money to be made spending the time to pester me.  The only smart thing to do would be to wash my email off their list because I reported them. But we know Rule #3 is true.

For a long time, I spend about the same amount of time dealing with personal spam.  I spend more time each morning clearing the spam from this forum than I do clearing all my inboxes.

On the other hand, if some poor ISP or email user has had their system compromised or their legitimate, but poorly managed, email list contaminated with my email address, maybe the added information will help clear up the problem.  I have been contacted a few times by naive managers of homeowners groups/email list/newsletters for help.

It is true that although every effort is made to cleans spam reports of your email address, the spammers for some reason hid email addresses in may ways/places.  Yours is the first example I am aware of in a "X" line in the header.  More often they are in the "unsubscribe" link or other paces in the body.  SpamCop tries to find the but obviously they don't fine all of them.



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Excellent, thank you LKing, you've always given considered, rational advice, based on experience, therefore easy to understand and trust. I too have my settings the same as yours, however, when I found my email addy in an unexpected place, I was concerned.

After some days of no spam at all, today has been a flood of DigitalOcean:( After some research I can see DO are not particularly responsive to SC reporting, not to be discouraged I've upped the ante:ph34r:

If my email addy is going to be fodder for scum I'm entitled to some satisfaction:D

Re [clearing the spam from this forum] I was wondering where those slippery, scummy suckers were disappearing to :lol: I'll have to be quicker, they're all subject to my NU Years 💀reso.

Onwards & upwards:)


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38 minutes ago, MIG said:

 I'll have to be quicker,

😑☺️ Shoveling snow, breakfast & spam in some mixed order after I get up. I'm a night person and sleep in MST (USA).  During the day, others are handled randomly during breaks from other task.

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, that's a swear word where I'm from:D, all good tho, from what I can see, for the most part, all SCF members have the same objective, search & destroy; having recently joined the team I consider it my duty, after years of being a target and only recently being introduced to S fighting weapons; having said that I'm considering a therapy session to illuminate why I'm so dammed vengefulEmojiEmoji;)


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