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New type of email spam


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I'll preface this post by stating I'm no expert on spam. I have a few websites I've built and maintain for clients and route all the spam I see through SpamCop.

The reason I'm posting is due to spam I've started receiving which is unlike anything preceding. In all previous spam there is routing information included in the header. In this new stuff, there is not one IP address of any kind; furthermore, the routing that is there (in the form of username) makes it appear as if the email originated from the master user on the cPanel account. The email contains a link to a phishing site (which I have reported). Is this a common method of obfuscation? 


BTW, this site needs the SSL certificate updated.

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It would help others to provide information about your spam if we could see an example.  PLEASE do not post a copy of the spam, but do post a SpamCop Tracking URL The tracking URL can be found near the top of the reporting page, or as a link in the email SpamCop sent you  stating the spam was ready to send.

It could be that the cPanel account has been compromised.

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