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Aladdin Knowledge Systems


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I've discovered in my windows directory a set of programs, which were installed by an unknown source and which common feature is their source, a company named Aladdin Knowledge Systems.

Should I keep these files or delete them?

What good do they bring?


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Well, as for your subject line question, the answer is NO since they are not Unsolicited Commercial (or Bulk) Email.

They may be unwanted, but doing a quick search, Aladdin Knowledge Systems is a publicly traded company (NasdaqNM:ALDN) which on a quick scan of their web site makes security software and hardware to prevent unauthorized copies of software from being run (things like USB license keys, etc). It is possible this software was installed as part of some other software package you have installed on your system. Many times, software developers will use this type of product to protect their copy rights so you can not buy 1 license then run many copies.

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