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This Forum is place to make the request for and/or point out possible features / changes to the codebase or user interface, specific situational problems and the like. The concept is to put these items into one place such that the folks involved have a single spot to come in and see the imagination at work.

Noting that the Parsing and Reporting codebase is handled by Julian, the e-mail side by JT, most of the SpamCop system is running in California under IronPort's care, Akamai geographic access nodes are in use, some parts of the SpamCop system/data is mirrored around the world, and a lot of the data developed during the parsing of a spam is pulled from other systems and networks around the world. So some things are not as easy to change as some would suggest. Thus responses and implementation may or may not occur. Historically, most changes are put into effect with most users not even noticing, other than seeing issues disappear.

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