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Interesting turn of the tide


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some highlights;

in November 2003, AOL averaged almost 11 million spam reports every day directly from members; as of November 2004, that figure has declined to about 2.2 million spam reports daily from members.

In November 2003, the amount of spam being diverted to this folder averaged about 100 million per day; that number, as of November 2004, has declined to 40 million spam emails per day in the AOL "spam Folder" - a 60 percent reduction.

the average daily amount of internet spam emails that are blocked at the gateway by AOL antispam filters has declined sharply -- a 50 percent drop -- from a peak of about 2.4 billion in 2003, to an average daily volume of just 1.2 billion blocked spam emails in late 2004

less attempts are being made to send email from the Internet to AOL members, with the daily average number of attempts dropping from 2.1 billion recipient messages in November 2003 to 1.6 billion recipient messages in November 2004. AOL believes this 22 percent drop in attempted emails to be almost entirely spam -- as many spammers "throw in the towel" on their efforts to get their junk e-mail past the advanced filters on AOL's Virginia-based email network.

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