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Spamming the Spammers?


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Reuters- Several bulk re mailers have announced their decision to file a joint grievance with the Federal Communication Commission, and a lawsuit in Federal Court, urging that a cease and desist order be placed on the operators of the ever-growing ant-spam software, "Spamitback" (www.spamitback.com). The software it being freely distributed on their website as a tool to fight unsolicited email. The complainants allege that the software is being used by thousands of individuals to preform automated DDOS (Dos Denial Of Service) attacks on their web servers, rendering them useless. The four corporations named as Plaintiffs in the suit, also claim that the Spamitback software is sending tens of thousands of unsolicited e-mails every day to their e-mail boxes, filling them up with junk messages and making it impossible to sort out the legitimate customer messages. The Plaintiffs also allege that their web forms are being used as tools to send spam and other junk messages. They further claim that their bandwidth is being stolen by users of the Spamitback software, which uses an automated system to repeatedly download web pages and images for the sole purpose of driving up their bandwidth usage charges. “We've had enough,” said Ronald Johnson, a spokesman for E-mail Services Inc. “We operate a variety of legitimate businesses and e-commerce through our web sites and bulk e-mail services. Our Company operates in complete compliance with the new anti-spam regulations.” Johnson went on to explain that the attacks on their servers are not only against the Terms Of Services (TOS) of all the major Internet Service Providers, (ISP's), but they are a violation of Federal Law. He pointed out that Dos Denial Of Service attacks are a felony under the Internet Services Providers Protection Act of 1996.

A spokesperson at the FCC refused any comment regarding the case, saying only that the Commission has yet to receive any “official” complaint. We attempted to obtain a comment from the developers of the Spamitback software through their on-line web form, but have yet to get a response to our inquiry.

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noting that a search of www.reuters.com brings up nothing in the last couple of months either .... guess that answers the lousy job of the 5 "w's" reporting here also .. no URL, no date, lack of identities of parties involved, no location mentioned, etc., etc., etc.

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This is interesting. The site is registered to

Jones, Tom nospam[at]spamitback.com

453 West 12 Ave

Vancouver, BC V5Y1V4


If we do a lookup on the address in Vancouver we find

City Hall, 453 West 12 Avenue

Vancouver, B.C. V5Y 1V4

This address lists the Mayor and the Councillors, I doubt they have anything to do with this scam.

So this tool does nothing but spam. It is an abuse tool. It fights spam with spam. It has a false registration. They also spam to promote the product. They lie when they try to promote it. They use a fake registration.

spam is spam no matter who it goes to.

Remember Rule #1, spammers lie!

Make your own opinion!

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