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"Stop checking if this rule matches"

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;) Of course, I have warped expectations.

Say there are 10 new messages coming in and you have 3 filter rules set up, all of them with "Stop checking if this rule matches" checked.

Now, say there is at least one messages in the batch that would trigger each of the 3 rules. The first rule applies to 4 messages.

What seems to happen is that the first rule gets applied to those 4 messages and then no more rules are applied to any of the messages. So the other 6 messages are just dumped into the Inbox as-is. It looks like the first rule is checked against all messages, then the second rule is checked against all messages, and so on, until a rule with a "stop" option is processed.

Now, maybe someone can explain why they would want that to happen.

But my feeble instinct says that the hierarchy of rules should be applied to each message in turn, and if one of the rules says "stop," then no more rules should be applied to that message. Then with the next message, the rules should again be applied from the top.

I realize this probably is built into the webmail package, but maybe someone could forward this suggestion to the webmail vendor for their consideration.

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