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Spamassassin in Russian

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That would be something to take up with the SpamAssassin folks .. starting point is at http://spamassassin.apache.org/ and/or http://sourceforge.net/projects/spamassassin .... Though possibly an add-in thing in the future, this request deals with a most defininte third-party tool.

However, much searching through FAQs, Wikis, other references, I come upon the following .. a tool to generate a configuration file .. am still looking for the source of this bit of documentation, but ....


Accepted Languages: SpamAssassin can analyze the text and character set of a message and make an educated guess at the language being used. Select the languages you receive legitimate mail in, and messages in other languages will have their spam score increased. By default all languages are accepted .... followed by a fairly large list of languages ...

but the way I read this, selection of a language will reduce the SA score, whch seems to be the opposite effect of the original post here, suggesting that the configuration "here" does already include Russian as a "local" language ..????

And to take things further afield, what character set might you be talking about .. possibly feeding into this, possibly not ...???

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spamcop.net,Jan 12 2005, 09:04 AM]
>That would be something to take up with the SpamAssassin folks

Well, I really don't care if SpamAssassin has it: I want SpamCop to have it. What I'm really asking is for a SpamCop feature; how it's achieved is moot.

The point is that SpamCop has a loophole and this type of Russian spam traipses right through it.




...Silly Wazoo, thinking you meant "SpamAssassin" when you wrote "SpamAssassin." :) <g>

...Are you volunteering to translate all the Russian spam all us SpamCop users receive into English so the SpamCop parser will parse it correctly or are you suggesting that Julian add code the parser to identify Russian spam and parse it as Russian? Don't hold your breath for the latter .... :) <g>

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