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'419' advice appreciated...


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There's no shortage of stupid people who think they're smart enough to rip others off.  (Ref. Amway)

Ouch! That's a bit of a strange example <g> (No, I'm not a dealer/distributor, but have been there .. maybe 20-25 years ago) The strange side of this example is that Amway does actually hve products that work as advertised. I can recall one day when someone heard that I was involved (more the dearly beloved) ... but I had over a dozen folks in my office that day, wanting to order cans of oven cleaner. Anyway. this isn't a sales pitch ... what most folks don't understand about that particular enterprise is "how it really works" ... hint, those that end up being succesful usually have accountants involved .. read that as creative accounting for tax purposes <g> The indivisual that falls for the "make a few bucks" just doesn't have a handle on the real way to "make" money <g> Most any business owner will tell you that though "making" money is hard work, it's the "keeping" of that money and being able to actually "use" it that's the bigger problem. In Amway's case, there's a lot more to the "show the plan daily" than is explicitly described <g> Way off-topic, even for the lounge <g>

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