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Error reporting with Spam Deputy


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About two weeks ago, we started getting errors when reporting our spam.

"Page not found"

The URL submitted is:


We have been using the spam Deputy plug-in without problems up to this point and have made no changes to the configuration. The spamcop account username and password have been tested and are good.

Any ideas?




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based on the timing, I'll suggest that you recently went to Windows Update and installed the latest security patch. Rather then trying to figure out how to fix the spoofing issues, this last patch totally killed off the username;password[at]URL construct. Work arounds do exist, explained in Microsoft's knowledgebase,but does require Registry modification in most cases.

One thing to try allegedly is to drop the password part of your identified link, cross your fingers that the username wil be passed on and acted upon, which should then bring up a login window for you to type in your password. However, this is also part of the described work around for webmasters, so there are no guarantees.

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