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me again

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Greetings!!! :rolleyes:

I am computer illiterate, except at the user end where I am quite comfortable. <_<

I know nothing about spam, but since I'm a victim of some pernicious spammers, I am willing to do just about anything to fight them, to include learning how to become more computer literate. :huh: I will view the battle against spammers as a new hobbie. :lol:

I found this website by accident -- and I found SpamCop by accident as well, but I have been using it now for about a week. If there is anything that I can do in this battle, then please let me know. I guess I can sort of be a "confidential informat" for the police or, uhhhh, for SpamCop. :D

I'll be reading more at this website. Yeaa, I know I have a blank look in my eyes. :blink:

How did you find this website and why are you here? :(

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I found spamcop when I got one porn spam too many and decided to *do* something!

At that time only the newsgroups were available so that I had to learn how to navigate a newsgroup. I still am technically non-fluent, but have picked up certain aspects of how email works and am an advocate for blocklists as the only way to control spam. The *sending* end (including end users on negligent or greedy ISPs) need to take responsibility for the control of spam or be blocked by the rest of the internet.

It is a fun hobby. And the regulars are good people (with a good sense of humor). Unfortunately, I don't have time to learn as much as I could. The 'almost new' in my signature refers both to my age and the fact that I can't give technical advice much of the time although there are some things I do understand and can help - particularly newbies - with.

Miss Betsy

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