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Spamcop reporting svc unable to find spam in SPAM!


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Hello Everyone. For weeks I was able to forward all my spam to the spamcop reporting service. It worked great, and I was in love. Recently I started to notice I was not able to "process spam" on the reporting page. When I took a look at my spamcop mail, I had craploads of "SpamCop encountered errors" errors. When I look at the error mail, it tells me:

SpamCop encountered errors while saving spam for processing:

SpamCop could not find your spam message in this email:

I don't think I changed anything. Does anyone know what causes this. I bought a spamcop account just to report spam, now it's a big hassle!

Thanks for any advice you can give.


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For those that have never heard of it, it's advertised as the "Outlook for Linux"

and based on that, isn't there some configuration file you'd just go knock out and reset / change to whatever?

I'm almost positive that you can't be talking about resetting your reporting address, as that's all that is, your reporting address ... willing to accept whatever you send it ...

flip side, next spam you Forward: .... CC: yourself and take a look at what's actually being sent, vice what you meant to send .. maybe it'll be obvious???

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Hello Wazoo, I would not say you hit the nail on the head, but your suggestion to cc myself and take a look did the trick. When I sent myself the "forwarded" mail, I saw that there was no header info (but my own). Something changed in that before the header of the spam displayed with the "forwarded" mail, and now it's not. Thats a question for the Evolution forum.

I found that if I just highlited the spam header, did a ^c, then fordarded to the SRS, and did a paste with a ^V, it transfered without much fuss, and the reporting service then correctly processes.

Thankyou for your suggestion, it enabled me to see things in a different (and problem solving) way

Chris Curtis

P.S. Evolution is an excellent client. I have been completely MS free for over two years, having a good mail client helped. Also, I use messagewall spam filter for my companies mail, and it works well on an old P166 with 32MB RAM.

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