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I know not what you ask either ... but taking a guess .... are you possibly talking about setting up a MailHost configuration for your account?

If so, this will be moved to a more appropriate Forum. (and probably answered that if all accounts are on the same host, then you are done ...???)

If not, would ask that you define your query a bit better.

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The right forum is called "Mailhost System Configuration" and can be found here:


Wazoo will move this thread over there later today.

If you had been in the right forum and had read the pinned items in there, you would have seen this:

Note: If you have multiple addresses that are handled by the same server, then registering any one of the addresses will suffice.

Which means that as long as all your forwarding addresses are handled by the 1&1 server, you are all set. If you ever add an email account not on the 1&1 server, make sure you add it to your mailhost configuration before you report any spam received through that account. Otherwise you might accidentally report yourself.

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